Matt and Pat Show - posted on April 11, 2014 by

Show: April 11th, 2014

Matt’s experience at the movies, model rockets and Pat’s crazy list! Whatever you do, don’t listen!

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Matt and Pat Show - posted on March 28, 2014 by

Show: March 28st, 2014

We’d tell you what this weeks show is about… but we’re sure you can already guess!

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Matt and Pat Show - posted on February 28, 2014 by

Show: February 28th, 2014

Todays show is dedicated to the late Harold Ramis! The Grid has been shut down. And Pat introduces a new word.. DORSE! Don’t Listen!

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Matt and Pat Show - posted on June 21, 2013 by

SHOW: June 21, 2013 – Pat Ate Wax Teeth!

Today’s Show is just goofy! Pat ate wax teeth… and goes to restaurants when they are closed! Matt talks XBox One vs PS4 and Nappy Time Pancakes! Movie stuff, are ebooks taking away things from us and well we ramble through some life lessons! And if you want to watch the
Judge Judy video, here it is! Or get a laugh with Goats that Scream like Humans!

We think it’ll be a fun show to listen to, but then we also warn you not to listen! And that still stands….Don’t Listen!


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Matt and Pat Show - posted on June 14, 2013 by

SHOW: June 14, 2013 – Special Guest Vince!

Today on the Matt and Pat show, we have our good friend Vince on the show with us! He’s a funny and bright guy! Man of Steel is out today! Happy Fathers Day to those like Matt with kids and who knows what else the guys talk about! Later Vince and Pat played Rampage on Matt’s “TrooperCade”, and did quite well believe it or not!

Don’t Listen and you won’t miss anything!


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