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SHOW: AUGUST 23, 2013 – Rick Mora, Hotlicks and BBQ!

Today on the show Matt and Pat talk to Rick Mora from Twilight and discuss his life in Charity. Also this past weekend the guys checked out the Long Beach BBQ Festival and got to meet the awsome Francella and Kelli from Hotlicks! It’s a crazy show, so don’t listen!



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Matt and Pat Show - posted on August 16, 2013 by

SHOW: AUGUST 16, 2013 – Jump the Shark, Conan and Squirrel Girl!

Today’s show is whacky one! Then again.. what show isn’t? Pat Jumps the Shark, Halloween is coming up and Conan’s craziest quotes! Eat your Dole and Greens Plus, and we’re coming to the end of duck lesson!


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SHOW: AUGUST 9, 2013 – Eat Dole, Down with Greed!

On Todays show the guys talk about the corporate greed from content providers that ends up affecting only the consumer and also how times have changed and how we watch all this content! Pat gives a shout out to Greens Plus and make sure to eat your Dole Pineapple, it’s healthy!


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