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Thanks for the fun!

Thank you everyone for enjoying our April Fool’s Fun!

This is why we tell you, “Don’t Listen!” 🙂


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TELL US YOUR TALES! – Blizzard’s Horrible Customer Service!

On this weeks show we’re going to have a deep discussion about the lacking of Blizzard’s Customer Service. They got a new player this week, but won’t help out Matt!

Send us your tales of Blizzards Lacking Customer Support HERE and we’ll discuss on this Friday’s Show!

In the meantime, enjoy BLIZZCONK from 2008. So basically, nothings changed with their inability to provide customer service. And you wonder why they went from 15 million players and are down to what, 9 million now?


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Matt and Pat @LAZoo for #ComicJungle THIS WEEKEND!

This Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm, make sure to stop by The Los Angeles Zoo for COMIC JUNGLE!

Matt and Pat will be there Sunday June 2nd in the afternoon promoting the event and talking comics and the zoo! And my fellow Southern California Garrison 501st Legion brothers and sisters will be patrolling the event both days as well! Check it out!



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The Renaissance Faire was AWSOME!



We had a great time at the faire today! The people are wonderful, the faire was just amazing and we are already looking forward to returning next year under press credentials in order to cover the faire in it’s entirety!

A special thank you to Kristen Mansour (Director for Publicity) for talking with us today and giving us all the cool faire press information! She was super awsome and nice to us, we really appreciate that!

Looking forward to 2014 already!


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Long Beach Comic Expo 2013 Interviews THIS FRIDAY!

Lots of fun at the Long Beach Comic Expo on Saturday May 11th! We did interviews with lots of awsome people and will have those all on this weeks show! One interview was Matt’s favorite, which one? Well make sure you don’t listen! Or do listen!

Here Matt and Pat were at the 501st Legion’s Photo a Trooper Booth with an awsome Starwars Death Star set!

Make sure to TUNE IN THIS FRIDAY at 9AM for the complete expo show!


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